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US-2002027045-A1: Valve lift control unit with simplified lubrication patent, US-2003122927-A1: Endoscopic imaging system making it possible to detachably attach expansion unit having external expansion facility and add expansion facility for improving capability of system patent, JP-4695815-B2: 描画処理装置および描画処理方法およびコンピュータが読み取り可能な記憶媒体およびプログラム patent, JP-2009212255-A: コイル部品及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2009258301-A: Display device patent, JP-2009263785-A: Connecting component metal material and method of manufacturing the same patent, JP-2011208251-A: 曲げ圧壊性と耐食性に優れたアルミニウム合金押出材 patent, JP-2011212592-A: Method for preparing biomass feedstock originated from waste patent, JP-2013102743-A: Artificial material for supplying minerals for preserving aquatic environment and method for preserving aquatic environment patent, JP-2015083554-A: 毛髪の染色又は脱色方法 patent, US-2002141694-A1: Methods of achieving optimal communications performance patent, US-2002171335-A1: Furniture drawer patent, US-2003028760-A1: System and method for booting from a non-volatile application and file storage device patent, US-2003061275-A1: Method and system for remotely managing persistent state data patent, US-2003094099-A1: Method and apparatus for treating an exhaust gas containing volatile organic compounds patent, US-2003121008-A1: Method and system for producing an ordered compilation of information with more than one author contributing information contemporaneously patent, US-2003130059-A1: Customizable center-of-gravity golf club head patent, JP-2011016117-A: バラスト水処理方法、およびバラスト水処理装置 patent, JP-2015035780-A: 信号伝送回路および半導体集積回路 patent, US-2002036984-A1: Method and apparatus for guaranteeing data transfer rates and enforcing conformance with traffic profiles in a packet network patent, US-2002114341-A1: Peer-to-peer enterprise storage patent, US-2002190666-A1: Laser diode control apparatus patent, US-2003074396-A1: System for controlled printing of a signature using web-based imaging patent, JP-4688167-B2: リーダ用アンテナならびにアンテナ付き物品載置棚およびアンテナ付き物品載置台 patent, JP-2012173950-A: Continuous operation learning device and navigation device patent, JP-2014032171-A: Device for biochemistry detection using flow-dividing constitution, and operation method for the same patent, JP-2014224770-A: 電気特性測定装置、電気特性測定方法およびプログラム patent, JP-2015500345-A: 疼痛の治療または予防に使用されるtrpc4調節因子 patent, US-2002030000-A1: Installation and process for sorting used batteries patent, US-2003016198-A1: Image display and control method thereof patent, US-2003149755-A1: Client-controlled load balancer patent, JP-2009115957-A: マスクブランク及び転写用マスクの製造方法 patent, JP-2010268833-A: 心拍検出装置 patent, JP-2011208136-A: Crosslinkable composition, crosslinked product, process for production thereof, and multilayer structure patent, US-2002015790-A1: Source reagent compositions for CVD formation of high dielectric constant and ferroelectric metal oxide thin films and method of using same patent, US-2003005369-A1: System and method for diagnosing printer problems and notarizing prints by evaluating embedded data patent, US-2003105897-A1: Programmatic time-gap defect correction apparatus and method patent, JP-2013521969-A: 物理的対象物の画像を生成するシステム及び方法 patent, JP-2015519547-A: 電気光学距離測定装置 patent, US-2002038139-A1: Medical lead and method for electrode attachment patent, US-2002053607-A1: Apparatus for cleaning and refreshing fabrics with an improved ultrasonic nebulizer, and improved ultrasonic nebulizer patent, US-2002182166-A1: Composition containing feverfew extract and use thereof patent, US-2003021952-A1: Multi-layer wiping device patent, US-2003072296-A1: Method and apparatus for processing shared sub-packets in a communication system patent, US-2003107037-A1: Array substrate for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device patent, JP-2015502960-A: 電子素子のための化合物 patent, US-2002131117-A1: Delivering multicast services on a wavelength division multiplexed network using a configurable four-port wavelength selective crossbar switch patent, US-2002156921-A1: Automatic backup of wireless mobile device data onto gateway server while device is idle patent, US-2003018816-A1: System and method for pushing calendar event messages from a host system to a mobile data communication device patent, US-2003107374-A1: Objective oriented methods for NMR log acquisitions for estimating earth formation and fluid properties patent, US-2003116525-A1: Plastic bottle with champagne base patent, US-2003090794-A1: Image-taking optical system and image input apparatus patent, JP-2014515108-A: 液体試料の採取、保存、輸送および送達用器具 patent, US-2002019799-A1: Systems and methods for anonymous electronic trading patent, US-2002194280-A1: Electronic mail system for generating a mail message to multiple recipients with multiple attention levels patent, US-2003088851-A1: Method and system for global constant management for memory patent, US-2003109914-A1: Coronary vein leads having an atraumatic TIP and method therefor patent, JP-2014048300-A: 光学装置 patent, US-2002057372-A1: Method and device for detecting an event in a program of a video and/or audio signal and for providing the program to a display upon detection of the event patent, US-2003074271-A1: Customizable two step mapping of extensible markup language data in an e-procurement system and method patent, US-2003084311-A1: System and method for creating a trusted network capable of facilitating secure open network transactions using batch credentials patent, US-2003142286-A1: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus of automatically adjusting semiconductor pattern patent, US-2002060989-A1: ANS designed for a conference between conference room terminals and network system including the ANS patent, US-2002171830-A1: Spectroscopic measurement system using an off-axis spherical mirror and refractive elements patent, US-2003098034-A1: Hair relaxer patent, US-2010001786-A1: Clock generation for memory access without a local oscillator patent, US-2002035486-A1: Computerized clinical questionnaire with dynamically presented questions patent, US-2002143805-A1: Hand held device having a browser application patent, US-2002165211-A1: Formulation containing anti-inflammatory androstane derivative patent, US-2003050432-A1: Polyester resin with carbamate functionality, a method of preparing the resin, and a coating composition utilizing the resin patent, US-2002171128-A1: Semiconductor device and method for producing the same patent, US-2003108585-A1: Polymer conjugates of insecticidal peptides or nucleic acids or insecticides and methods of use thereof patent, US-2002112051-A1: Method and system for network management with redundant monitoring and categorization of endpoints patent, US-2003145987-A1: Measuring the in situ static formation temperature patent, JP-2015036194-A: Method for bookbinding index-provided booklet and index-provided booklet formed by the same patent, US-2001037663-A1: Methods for producing optical fiber by focusing high viscosity liquid patent, US-2003060788-A1: Methods of making disposable products having humidity activated materials with shape-memory patent, US-2002138315-A1: Technical support system patent, US-2003033416-A1: Network architecture patent, US-2003118394-A1: Cartridge for an electronic pen patent, US-2003088214-A1: Universal protector cap with auto-disable features for needle-free injectors patent, US-2002074932-A1: Process for improving the emission of electron field emitters patent, US-2002142576-A1: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, US-2003018743-A1: Network system for serving information to mobile terminal apparatus patent, US-2003150610-A1: Device for sealing a drill hole and for discharging drillings or stripped extraction material patent, US-2003084003-A1: Systems and methods for conducting transactions and communications using a trusted third party patent, US-2003059662-A1: Flow field patent, US-2002061011-A1: Internal substitution bi-level addressing for compatible public networks patent, US-2003064988-A1: Pharmaceutically active morpholinol patent, US-2003107645-A1: Method and system for controlling the display location of stereoscopic images patent, US-2002171759-A1: Adaptive interlace-to-progressive scan conversion algorithm patent, US-2002176882-A1: Additive the improvement and/or stabilization of the keeping quality of microbially perishable products patent, US-2003103001-A1: Golf distance measuring system and method patent, US-2002168360-A1: Methods of preventing or treating inflammatory or autoimmune disorders by administering integrin alphanubeta3 antagonists in combination with other prophylactic or therapeutic agents patent, US-2002113268-A1: Nonvolatile memory, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2002177277-A1: Power semiconductor devices having laterally extending base shielding regions that inhibit base reach through and methods of forming same patent, US-2002046154-A1: Systems and methods for developing and administering investment trusts patent, US-2003095925-A1: Buccal, polar and non-polar spray or capsule containing drugs for treating metabolic disorders patent, US-2003055783-A1: System and method for optimized funding of electronic transactions patent, US-2002184369-A1: Appointment scheme for redistributing service access patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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